Our in-house experts offer each of our clients a bespoke service that guarantees a compliant and stress-free Retrofit journey.

Working in compliance with PAS 2035 and government guidelines to achieve net zero, our aim is to support our clients set out their retrofit strategy to deliver energy efficient homes. We work with social housing providers throughout the UK and have a wealth of experience delivering compliant SHDF funded projects.

Key Roles

The Retrofit Coordinator role is reasonably new, having been introduced under PAS 2035 in 2019 and is now mandatory on all PAS 2035 compliant retrofit projects. A Retrofit Coordinator will manage a project from end-to-end. This means they need to have the skills to collaborate with Retrofit Assessors, Retrofit Designers and Retrofit Installers to ensure the successful completion of the project.

Homes that are subject to retrofit improvement works must first be assessed by a Retrofit Assessor. They are trained to carry out Retrofit Assessments on homes, in accordance with PAS 2035. Activities completed within the Retrofit Assessment include:

  • Energy Assessment (Typically SAP/RdSAP)
  • Condition Report
  • Occupancy Assessment

Retrofit Assessors play a key role in the PAS 2035 process, as they collect and produce data that Retrofit Coordinators use to create the improvement plan.

A Retrofit Designer’s role is to assess and prepare specific design details for PAS 2035 retrofit projects. The level of design required is typically determined by the assigned project pathway. They are required to prepare a safe, accurate and effective retrofit design for each dwelling. For complex projects, Retrofit Designer’s need to hold a relevant qualification or accreditation such as MCIAT or MRICS.

A Retrofit Evaluator is responsible for monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness of a retrofit project. They ensure that the project is sustainable, effective and has achieved the intended outcomes. In addition, they will oversee the final project and check that work has been delivered as expected and completed to all of the required quality standards. Monitoring provides key information on whether the retrofit has achieved these aims and identifies whether there are any performance gaps.

Our Promise

We have a trusted team of sub-consultants, who are qualified and accredited to undertake a variety of ancillary services including damp surveys, structural surveys, thermal imaging, and airtightness testing. We add value to all of our contracts by ensuring accurate, cost-effective whole-dwelling assessments are completed at each property, in compliance with PAS2035. Our sub-consultant team are supervised in the same way as our internal team, which means they must follow our rigorous approach to health & safety and quality management.