Building Surveying

We were commissioned by Magenta Living to undertake a variety of different surveys to supplement existing information and provide a cost report which summarises the likely investment over the next 30 years required to maintain and improve their residential development in New Brighton.




New Brighton


Building Surveying

Project Size

Grade II listed building


The property is a Grade II listed building comprising of 6 dwellings, 2 of which are leasehold and the other 4 are owned and managed by Magenta Living.

The fieldwork included the following non-intrusive surveys:

  • Planned preventative maintenance (PPM) survey
  • Measured survey
  • Compartmentation survey

We completed a planned preventative maintenance (PPM) survey which entailed an on-site inspection of each individual element of the building in terms of its condition, likely repair with budget costs. The inspection included the external and internal common areas, as well as a sample of the internal dwellings and an inspection of the roof using an 8m pole camera.

We also completed a measured survey of the block using Magic Plan software, which produced accurate floorplans. These floorplans were then uploaded to our One Trace software and used to complete a non-intrusive compartmentation survey of the internal common areas, a sample of the internal dwellings, and an overview of all accessible fire doors.


We managed to minimise resident disruption, and increase time and cost efficiency on-site to meet the Client’s tight deadline by using different members of our multi-disciplinary surveying team and compatible software packages to deliver different parts of the brief simultaneously.